Sniper Team

Team Fortress 2


1 - use scatter gun when you are near the enemy
2 -use pistol when you are far away from enemy
3 - never attack a heavy alone
4 - while fighting others move left and right and forward and backwards to make it harder for your enemy to hit you.
5 - dont go to close to pyros unless you have stunned them with the sandman.
6 - use the soda to avoid dmg for example running past a heavy healed by medic or sentry.


1 -when using rocket launcher always aim at the enemies feet.
2 -use the shotgun when you are fighing, if you are out of ammo in your launcher, quickly switch to your shotgun                                                                                       

3-use the shovel or shotgun when the enemy is really close.
4 - if a pyro comes close spam your rockets other wise you will be KIA very quickly
5 - if you are far away from your enemy use the rocket launcher on him, because it is the longest range weapon of the Soldier.


1 -Use your flamethrower to spycheck.

 2: Use your airblast, you can deflect projectiles, extinguish team mates and piss every soldier in the game off ;)

3: If you have the homewrecker stay around engineers building if a spy trys to sap stuff kill him and knock off the sappers with your homewrecker engies will love you


1. Use your stickybomb launcher to lay traps for your enemies.

2. the pipe bombs with a direct hit will kill most enemies watch for heavies though.

3. if you are using the Chargin' Sarge you can charge and fire pipe bombs at enemy heavies you will fire several crit pipebombs that kill almost anything close to them

4. try to get a medic to assist you in taking out enemy buildings, use the sticky bomb launcher to destroy everything


1. Work together with a Medic to attack stategic locations such as an enemy intel room or a capture point

2. always be the front man because you have the most health use it to push yourself through in to enemy infested areas

 3. Never under-estimate scouts they are harder to kill than you think!

 4. look back often as your fat russian arse will attract a lot of attention.


1. build sentries on choke points like in alleys or corners of intel rooms

2. tank your sentry, build a dispenser behind it so you can repair the sentry and the dispenser supplies you with metal to repair and re-arm the sentry

3. Camp at your defensive point it would look good if you lost an area because a spy sapped your sentry allowing enemies to get through (not)


1. use your ubercharge, an offensive medic is not always a helpful one, healing teammates and ubercharging them will make your team happy.

2. hit everyone with your bonesaw a few times before healing, you would be surprised how many medics have uber'd enemy spies.

3. NEVER uber friendly spies/snipers/engineers

4. if several friends need healing learn priorities Scout/Sniper/Engies have lowest HP so they are first priority

Demos, Pyros and any class with 150+ health is medium priority cure them second

Heavies and soldiers are low priority as are medics since they can regenerate 3 hp every second

1 - Use your sniper, scoping in will power up its damage, a fully powered headshot = 450 dmg.
2 - when the enemies are close, use the SMG or Kukri, if you have the huntsman unlockable that is a better weapon to use.

3 - when your fighting against another sniper with your sniper rifle always move, make yourself a harder target to hit, crouching rarely works as it slows your speed to almost nothing.

 4 - when you know theres a spy somewhere, check behind you all the time, hit any nearby team mates with your kukri

5- Camp. yes thats right, camp in a good place and snipe all the enemies you see, if they call you a noob just remember your a support class not an offense class.


1. Use your sappers on enemy engineer buildings, save dispensers until last as they can refill your invisibility watch meter.

2. master the Stab'n'Sap this is where if an engi is tanking his sentry you knife him in the back, quickly switch to your sappers and sap the sentry before it can turn to you.

3 master the sap'n'stab this is a slightly safer option but you have to be quick, sap the sentry and quickly stab the engi before he can fix it. (due to a recent update also try to distract pyros as the sledgehammer can knock off sappers)

4. don't blow your cover! if the enemy doesn't know where you are let them pass, no point alerting the whole area to your position

5. stay WELL away from the pyros their flamethrowers will light you even when they don't see you